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Gemini-C5 Tak TOA150

Available NOW, Free Trial Provided

  • 9 hr
  • Gemini Observatory

Service Description

We have captured many astonishing images with this Takahashi 6-inch flagship refractor telescope! Utilizing an APS-H size cooled camera at a focal length of 1100mm, it captures photons from the depths of the universe. Whether you're an experienced astrophotography enthusiast or a beginner, you'll be impressed by the imaging capabilities of this refractor! With our remote telescope system, everything is preset for you; there's no need to configure anything. Simply create your sequence in the imaging software, save, and exit. The rest is handled by our automated system. No matter your time zone, you don't need to login in the early morning or late night and press "Start Sequence." Our system will automatically execute the imaging tasks! Please note: We exclusively offer TeamViewer for remote desktop access and do not provide a Remote Desktop interface. To ensure a seamless user experience and data security for every user, you will need to provide your TeamViewer ID upon booking, which will be used to grant access to our whitelist. If you require the use of alternative third-party remote desktop software, please contact us in advance to make arrangements.

Contact US

  • +16693199590

System Specification


NO cellphone, address or credit card info needed.


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  • What's the difference between Customized Imaging Request and Image Data?
    The Image Data is sourced monthly from our remote telescope according to our Imaging Plan. We store and offer it at a minimal cost to anyone in need, helping us offset equipment and observatory expenses. However, the specific image data you're looking for might not always be available. If you need specific object data or longer exposures that our Image Data doesn't provide, or if you want exclusive data ownership, then our Customized Imaging Request is right for you.
  • How does this work?
    - Ownership: The data ownership is exclusively yours. After imaging completion, we will only share the data with you and will not offer it for sale. - Submit Your Requirements: Detail your imaging preferences with the form. Upon payment completion, our professionals will handle the imaging as per your needs. - Track Your Progress: Stay updated on your imaging requests via the "My/Imaging Request" page. - Secure Storage and Sharing: Your images will be securely stored on Google Drive and will be shared with your designated account. - Pricing: The charges for imaging requests are determined by multiplying the minute rate with the actual exposure time. Should weather or lunar phases affect the imaging, we'll reschedule accordingly. Remember: frames under a minute, like a 30-second exposure, are charged as one minute. - Cancellation & Refunds: Cancel anytime before imaging starts to get a full refund. If you cancel post-initiation, your refund equals the un-imaged duration times the per-minute rate. However, post-completion cancellations aren't entertained. Refund processing takes 3-5 business days, contingent on third-party processing times.
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