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DSO Image Sets
  • All images downloaded from this website are master images, which have been automatically measured, filtered, calibrated, and stacked, and then manually reviewed for quality assurance. 

  • We primarily use 300-second exposures to image the vast majority of targets, with shorter exposures of 30 seconds to 1 minute added for a few exceptionally bright objects.

  • The master images of the most targets are provided in 32bit FITS format, some early image sets are captured with 600-second exposure and provided in 16bit FITS format, we'll re-image them in the future, it doesn't mean those image quality are not good.

  • Despite our thorough review process, there may still be instances of overlooked flaws. If you encounter any abnormal black or white columns in an image, or any dissatisfaction of the image, please contact us with a screenshot of the issue. We will either send you a corrected version of the image, offer you an alternative image of a different target, or provide a refund upon request.

  • Each preview image below is a screenshot from PixInsight STF and some of them may also be processed by GraXpert AI 2.2.2, offering you a quick overview of the image, we didn't add any post-processing correction like gradient removal or DEB etc. Click on any item that interests you to inspect the image quality.

  • If you need the raw or calibrated FIT image sets, please feel free to contact us.

  • You're so welcomed to add comments under the image set page, thus others will be able to know how good or bad those images are.

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