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[Gemini-C7] Sharing Group

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This is a private space exclusively for members who have purchased the Telescope Sharing Plan. Here, we'll collaboratively discuss—or, more aptly, vote on—several key subjects: the individual responsible for the remote imaging procedure, the specific targets slated for imaging, and the comprehensive imaging plan.

Our aim is to facilitate a democratic decision-making process. While passionate discussions are encouraged, we hope to avoid disputes. The voting/discussion period will last a week, ensuring ample time for everyone to contribute to the imaging plan. Should the group not reach a consensus within this period, OMI Astro will initiate its own imaging plan (note: the data still belongs to the group) until a unified decision is agreed upon by all members.

In addition to the main topics, members are free to engage in various discussions—whether it's sharing insights, showcasing deep-sky photos, exhibiting gear, or anything else of interest. However, please adhere to the group's guidelines. Violators will be cautioned, and repeated offenses may result in removal from the group.

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  • October 18, 2023


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